The history of the island

There is a popular Galician legend that tells the story of Skatsha, a wise priestess who was hiding in the depths of an unknown Galician island connected to civilization by means of a magical bridge . This wise woman had the knowledge so that Celtic fighters never lost a match.

The virtues of this master of combat reached the ears of Artai a brave Celtic warrior who crossed dense forests, walked miles of deep valleys and faced beasts as terrifying as Urko’s dogs to reach the unknown island.

The young warrior tried to cross the bridge by brute force and failed, but he did not lose hope and, measuring his strength, he concentrated to take a master step with which he finally managed to reach the fortress of Skatsha.

Seeing Artai’s prowess, Skatsha praised his intelligence and admitted him to the island. The young man easily learned all the teachings of the wise warrior.
The priestess, observing the rapid evolution of her student, decided to make him a present, a powerful weapon, the infallible ax. Artai was the first disciple who gathered all the qualities to possess it and become the best Celtic fighter.

When we started the project in Isla A Creba we observed two curiosities, one of them was the union of the island with the Esteiro coast by a structure that resembled an old bridge. The other was discovered in the depths of Creba since among the conglomerates of stones we found a very particular rock due to the fact that it housed a mold of an ancient Celtic ax.

We are not certain that A Creba was the scene of this legend, but the island shares many aspects that hunt with the details of this Celtic history and also, in it, you can feel an enveloping magical aurea.

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A Creba Private Island antes


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